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Lady Justice revisited

Lady Justice revisited by Scott*, on Flickr

Yeah, right.

“In a Missoula County courtroom… an eight-woman, four-man jury found Matthew Otto, 27, guilty of a single charge of criminal distribution of dangerous drugs – in this case, 3 grams (well under an ounce) of marijuana. Otto faces a maximum penalty of life in prison and a $50,000 fine.”

LIFE in prison? And for those who aren’t familiar with ‘grams’ there’s 28.x of them in an ounce. So what is being discussed is just a bit over ONE TENTH of a ounce.

“Regardless, Montana law defines sales or distribution (giving) any amount of marijuana as a felony and allows for a one year to life prison sentence and $50,000 fine. Otto is lucky he wasn’t within 1,000 feet of a school or an additional three years minimum would be added.”

I know there was the Civil War about the rights of States to secede but doesn’t the Republic have the right to kick out States that are so obviously deficient in reason?

“So this terribly dangerous 3g of medical marijuana that Otto distributed to Jordan Lambert wasn’t so dangerous that we needed to charge the pot-smoking non-medical-marijuana-patient driving the car; it was “more important to home in on the” legit medical marijuana patient who was “the source of the drug”? Otto didn’t hold a gun to Lambert’s head and force him to take hits while driving by an off-duty sheriff. Lambert made a choice to endanger other drivers on the road but the police feel the real danger is the patient medicating in the back seat?”

Quotes are from here.

Apparently in Montana, the Legislature thinks ‘distributing’ marijuana is a worse crime than sexually assaulting someone.

This is the State of Max Baucus so I probably shouldn’t be surprised but …….

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