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WI Supreme Court Election Liveblog

As odd-year April elections go, tonight’s is actually kind of a big deal.  Republicans currently hold a 4-3 majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which will eventually rule on the legality of the procedural end-around that Scott Walker used to strip union workers of their collective bargaining rights.  But one of Walker’s most reliable robed rubber stamps, David Prosser, is facing a challenge from JoAnn Kloppenburg, described by Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller as an anti-business liberal extremist (so, somewhere to the left of Ben Nelson).

But not only does this election have the potential to spoil Walker’s union-busting plans, it could also give us an idea of just how much – or little – popularity he has left, and perhaps a preview of how the upcoming recalls may go.

On the other hand, if Prosser loses, we should bear in mind that it could also be because he’s a nasty, vindictive little man.  Remember, it was only a couple of weeks ago that we saw the story about how he called the Supreme Court Chief Justice a bitch and threatened to destroy her, then deployed the “Look what you made me do!” defense so beloved of Republicans and abusers.  On the third hand, a majority of Wisconsin citizens voting against a spiteful right-wing bully doesn’t exactly bode well for Walker and his minions either.

The Artist Formerly Known As dday is reporting that turnout is insane for an off-year/off-season election, maybe triple the normal 20%, so there’s an awful lot of voters looking to make a statement today.  This could very well be one election where the enthusiasm gap actually favors the Democrat anti-business liberal extremist.

With 99% reporting:

David Prosser: 50%
JoAnne Kloppenburg: 50%

(Editor’s Note: With the race too close to call, David Dayen has updates here.)

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