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Falwell's Liberty University received half a billion dollars in federal aid money

I’m not sure whether to laugh, cry or scream “I’ve been pickpocketed” at the news that the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, where the biology department teaches Young Earth Creationism, is pulling down half a billion of our tax dollars. via Ed Brayton and Salon, the latter citing the The VA News & Advance:

Liberty University, the evangelical private Christian school founded by dead apartheid-supporting bigot Jerry Falwell, received $445 million in federal financial aid last year. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, by the way, received $420 million from the federal government.

That massive sum was thanks to the growth of Liberty’s online program, which enrolled 52,000 students last year. The school is the No. 1 recipient of Pell grant money in the state of Virginia.

Falwell is laughing from the grave; talk about f’d up.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding