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Mr O, truth ‘n’ advertising ‘n’ irony

Those ads that drive these websites are, we are told, beyond the control of site administrators.

It was I believe stated that Bambi’s announcement of his 2012 bid for fascist immortality would be first broken to his true believers.

How astonishingly ironic then to see in big bold techincolour, his campaign launch ad, squashing the campaign to stop the torture of Bradley Manning beneath it on the front page of this site!

Is there by the way anyone here who is eligible to vote who will be voting for Obama in 2012? I ask that in all seriousness, since I cannot contemplate from my remote position here on the outside how anyone actually could actively participate in his reelection, even if it is out of terror at the alternative.

It would be interesting to here the FDL site admin’s thoughts on the ad. No criticism of them. I understand they need the revenue. I just wonder if they find it equally hilarious to see this?

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