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Holder’s Press Conference Liveblog

Holder: I stand by decision that best venue for prosecution civilian court.

Had developed plans for dealing with classified evidence.

“Members of Congress have intervened.”

Decisions about who, where, to prosecute have always been made by members of Executive Branch. Yet they’ve taken one of the nation’s most tested counter-terrorism tools off the table.

We must face a simple truth. Cannot allow trial be delayed any longer.

Move prosecutors to dismiss indictment filed in civilian courts.

Effectiveness of federal prosecutors have been subjected to unfair and unfounded criticisms.

Too many people–many of whom do know better–have expressed doubts about our federal courts.

Our National Security demands that we continue to prosecute terrorists in federal courts. Our heritage demands that we have full faith in court system.

Want to thank federal prosecutors who have spent countless hours working to bring this to trial.

It is my sincere hope that we will be able to deliver the justice [victims families] have so long deserved.

Open question on death penalty: Holder defers to DOD.

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