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2012: Four More Years of Obama’s Anti-Progressive, Corporatist Presidency?

Today, President Obama kicked off his 2012 presidential bid. There will be no primary contenders for him to bother with. The Democratic Party leadership is perfectly fine with what he’s done since winning the 2008 election and is perfectly fine with four more years of an Obama presidency. The Democratic Party’s 2012 presidential nomination is his.

As we start the 2012 election cycle, the people who believed in Obama and who believed is 2008 campaign promises have a lot of thinking to do. They will be told that they have to focus on the right wingnuts and their “radical” agenda. But that’s not what their biggest concern should be.

Instead, they should ask themselves whether they are ok with a candidate who made many promises in order to become president, only to renege on those promises as president. If Obama deceived the electorate when he took power and has squandered opportunities to effect real and beneficial change for the American people, should his presidency be validated?

Should it be ok for a candidate to present himself as progressive and populist when grabbing for power, only to turn around once in office and not use that power to advance a progressive agenda for the benefit of the American people?

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