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Spring is in the air… at least it was last week. Paul has been taking photos of the bulbs coming up in our yard… and posting them on his Facebook  page. He calls his album “slow-motion fireworks.”

I was planning to dye some eggs this week using natural materials for dyes, but I didn’t get a chance to. I’ll have to dye some eggs over the weekend, probably tomorrow. I’ll make sure to photograph them, so you can all see how they turned out.

I’ve never made challah, but I know it’s delicious! In the past, I have bought it to make French Toast, in which I used eggnog and a small splash of orange juice. I know that is probably not kosher, but then, we don’t keep kosher.

I looked for some links on Google for both dyeing eggs naturally and for challah recipes… and I found quite a few.

Natural Easter egg dyes, using chemistry.

Another link that uses both food stuffs and spices

The Crunch Domestic Goddess also has a post about how to dye eggs naturally.

Serious Eats explains about other natural dyes, as well as how to wrap eggs in onion skins before dyeing them.

I also looked for some challah bread recipes… first a little bit of history about challah bread.

afroswede's challah (click to embiggen)

We have Bill Egnor’s Food Sunday recipe for challah.

And here’s a page with both a long and a short version of how to make it.

Some images I found via Google of challah bread and rolls.

A challah bread recipe that makes great French Toast!

Along with my Challah French Toast, we have coffee and tea – also bagels and soda bread… and I can always make potatoes and eggs, poached or scrambled.  Just place your orders here! It’s also chilly enough this Saturday morning for hot chocolate.

How are you planning to celebrate the upcoming Easter or Passover traditions? Will you celebrate secularly or religiously? With friends or family?

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