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Water Cooler – Weak Tea, Indeed

Young girl entertaining Mickey Mouse and other friends at a make-believe tea party, 1930s

When it was important, as in where the rubber meets the road in Wisconsin, 100, 000 people turned out. In the snow and cold. People put their comfort aside for something they believed in day after day after day.

Today the Tea Party called for a rally to push Congress to go for the draconian and regressive cuts that the House has passed. They were sure there was going to be a huge outpouring of support from their fellow conservatives. After all they had all the darlings of the Teahadists there; Rep Bachman, Sen. Paul, Rep. Pence and other luminaries of the unhinged movement.

They were so sure this was going to be a seminal event that they even got their cooperate media propaganda arm, Fox “News” to cover the event live! It was going to be glorious and it was going to show just how strong the support for job immolating cuts in Federal spending are.

In fact it did exactly that. About, at a gross over estimate by Sen. Rand Paul (Douche – KY) there were 200 people out at this “rally” today. Not to be overly mean, but in my family if you have only 200 people at your wedding, you have really pissed off some of the Aunts something chronic.

Sure they got their coverage. They had the sign, saying something I couldn’t see, behind the speakers with the duffus who dresses up like Capt. America, they had their roster of crazed and constitutionally challenged speakers, but what they did not have a was a fired up crowd.

In fact this seems to be the SOP for Teahadist rallies lately. They had a bunch of folks (though not in one place to be sure) when Fox “News” first used its news spokes-models to promote the idea of a Tea Party. And yeah, they had a bunch of folks at whatever the hell it was the Glenn Beck did on the Mall last summer. And they did manage to get some folks to come and spite on Civil Rights heroes during the voting for the ACA.

The thing is that they seem less and less able to get folks to really turn out in support of their agenda anymore. It is not like the Teahadists were ever anything other than Republicans being rebranded, but it seems like they don’t have the staying power that a real force is politics is supposed to have.

By one account, Dave Weigel of all folks, there were not even as many attendees as there were media and members of Congress. When you can’t draw a crowd for your signature issues, then you don’t have a movement. I don’t know what you have, but a sham comes to mind, and not a Sham Wow either.

What is on your minds tonight Firedogs? The floor is yours.

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