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Darrell Issa Should be in Jail.

Alcatraz Jail Cell

Darrell Issa should be in jail and if there is any justice in the world he will end up there sooner or later. Since he has been a teenager Issa has managed to sail through one scrap after another with the law having been accused or suspected of multiple car thefts, arson, weapons charges and other imbroglios with associates, business partners and the guys he served beside in the Army. He is guilty of lying about his Army career and a good case for prosecution under the stolen honor law could be made regarding his exaggerations about where, when and how he served. He is definitely not the kind you want your daughter bringing home to meet you or representing you in the congress.

Yesterday Think Progress carried a story about Congressman Issa requesting a two million dollar earmark to improve the road in front of one of his properties in California without properly disclosing his ownership of the property and the personal benefit that would accrue to him through the roads improvement because of the enhanced property value. This from the same guy who in 2007 wrote a letter to the entire house of representatives urging them to voluntarily disclose any personal interest in any of their earmark request in order to assure the public that they were not attempting to “line their own pockets.”

One has to do only a cursory review of the history of Mr. Issa to conclude where there is so much smoke there must be some fire and further that this man is likely a common criminal willing to do anything to achieve his objectives with no thought to propriety, ethics, morals, or just plain decency. Far from the Readers Digest version of the American dream having propelled him to his position as the richest member of congress the truth is a much more sordid and sorry affair. His criminal proclivities aside he is also one of the rights strongest attack dogs with a penchant for accusing others of impropriety and threatening anyone in his gun sights with harassment, hearings and investigations.

It is amazing that the general media has not blown his cover by at least asking him during interviews about his past but like all successful crooks with a lot of money he has for the most part been able to avoid the embarrassment of being called to task for his indiscretions (crimes) and it is doubtful he will even face the ethics committee for this latest disclosure of wrongdoing targeted only at self-enrichment. The information is out there and we should all be embarrassed that a man of his ilk is serving openly in the halls of our congress. Hopefully someday he will get caught being himself and end up in jail where he belongs.

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