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New CNN Poll: Only 32% of Americans Like the Tea Party

by davitydave

Was it the cruel and incoherent platform? The nativism and ignorance on display at rallies? Or maybe it was the myriad of racist/crazy statements by Teabagger leaders.

Whatever the case may be, the American people have been watching the ‘baggers for two years and have decided they really don’t like them.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Wednesday indicates that 32 percent of the public has a favorable view of the two year old anti-tax movement, which also calls for less government spending and a more limited role for the federal government in our lives. The 32 percent favorable rating is down five points from December.

A main reason for the drop:

The tea party movement’s unfavorable rating rose 15 points since October among lower-income Americans, compared to only five points among those making more than $50,000. Roughly half of all American households have incomes under $50,000, and half make more than that.

Turns out, “screw you and your kids — I got mine” isn’t generally a great way to reach working people.

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