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Focus, People

The cultural drift in Western societies is pretty much of one consistently towards liberality on social issues, although these tend only to change markedly over transgenerational timescales. People tend to be less racist than their parents, less homophobic, less sexist, more socially cosmopolitan etc. Even the conservative US will almost inevitably in time have fewer structural racial, gender barriers, gay marriage will become a reality, cannabis will become legalized, standards of putative decency will continue to incrementally relax and so on. This is the battleground the liberals have always had success on, it’s just that the motion is often too slow to be readily apparent from any fixed temporal perspective.

Where the US and other countries like the UK are regressing is on the transfer of wealth and political influence from the lower and middle classes to the wealthiest demographic microfraction. This is the battle we are losing. We will prevail, albeit slowly, on all the other fronts with near inevitability, so we need to let those battles we are winning simmer and concentrate our attention on the one area where we are losing ground- the alarming trend of democracy towards a corporate oligarchy. If we can prevail on this one single front, the regressive forces will be repulsed on all.

Why do you think the GOP’s only apparent non-negotiable core values are tax cuts for the rich, fighting labor and killing campaign finance reform? Because they see very clearly that these issues are the pivotal ones- the battles they and feel they can and must win.

If we can stop the transfer of wealth and influence into the hands of a few wealthy oligarchs, we will inevitably eventually prevail on virtually everything else. Focus, people. The other side certainly is.

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Kurt Sperry

Kurt Sperry