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Ethics Issues; Shadowboxing on their Political Stage

Taking the stage

On the sidelines, while more prominent issues like budgets and wars are taking center stage, are the ongoing fights about matters officials are too embarrassed to make a noticeable fuss about.  Yesterday the DOJ issued its findings of ‘nothing there’ about New Black Panther voter intimidation.   House Ethics committee inaction on charges against Rep. Maxine Waters yesterday was given another little poke.

While the race element makes it obvious that these issues are titillating to the extreme right wing, they are not going to be brought into a spotlight because the left doesn’t need the extra aggravation of the inevitable brouhaha from those same elements.  The right can count on fusses that are unseemly, and will go the lengths their base enjoys – of making charges that cannot be substantiated as evidenced by the usual carnival barkers at their news outlets.

As former Democratic U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Michael Yaki has said, the investigation demonstrates that “there was nothing sinister or evidence of any racial bias” in the Obama DOJ’s handling of the case.

But Fox has signaled that it won’t take this new report lying down. A post on Fox Nation proclaims: “All Clear! DOJ Investigators Whitewash Black Panther Case.”

Reassuring their advocates that the left is committing injustices against their white constituency, dependable perpetrators of that myth salivate at any opportunity to pit one race against the other.  In the House, a resurgence of right wing control has again ended any operation of the House Ethics Committee in a paroxysm of charges of the same nature.

Since Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, the Ethics Committee has virtually shut down due to partisan sniping over how the Waters case was handled last year.

Waters was accused of improperly securing federal aid for a bank in which her husband was invested. She’s denied the allegations and even called for a task force to investigate the Ethics Committee itself back in December, but backed off a couple days later.

Dependably, the outlets that cater to racial divisiveness beat the bushes for more bad feelings about Rep. Rangel’s being allowed to continue to represent the community that re-elected him despite all they could drag up to condemn him.   The Ethics Committee once again will be kept quiescent since it can’t be used to produce a verdict that is favorable to the right wing.   As in the years of Tom DeLay, ethics cannot be whipped into producing findings that favor corrupt members of the right while condemning its favorite objects.

The DOJ civil rights division struggles back to life, despite refusal of confirmation for years of the officials needed to run its operations.

Tom Perez, who leads the civil rights division under President Obama, says he found something unusual when he returned to the department a couple of years ago.

“I will never forget when I had the privilege of working on the Obama transition, of talking to people who were here and had been here 20 years,” he says, “and [who] quite literally broke down in tears during the transition and told me, ‘Tom, I feel like I have PTSD.’ “

In repetition of past patterns, perpetrators of injustice use all means available to them to stop any outbreak of the justice that does not allow crime and criminals freedom from oversight.

The base will continue to applaud all efforts to waylay the Rule of Law and stoke racial divisions.

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Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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