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DOMA is like a cobra

DOMA is like a cobra that’s bitten its last seven owners!!!  And it’s looking for a new owner!  Or defending DOMA is.  Or something.

“There are things that will happen.  There are things that comes along.  There is a possibility for you and I to understand that same-sex marriage and heterosexual marriage can stand equally on the same plane.” (Wait, which side is Hutch on?)

If we don’t defend DOMA all around the world, clergy will be thrown in jail!!!  Just like happens all the time in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire and Vermont.  (Or not.)

Nice to see Pastor Hutch metrosexualizing with those diamond studs.  Has Pastor Ken Hutcherson finally jumped the shark?  Watch the video to hear all the gobbledygook first-hand, then take the poll below.Update: Hey wait a minute!  It’s not a cobra, it’s pneumonia!!!  Someone’s been playing the telephone game.  According to “Bishop” Harry Jackson:

I think the nation has walking pneumonia, and if we don’t stop it, this thing could become fatal.

This was on a James Dobson podcast about DOMA where the guests allegedly “attempt to get beyond the heated rhetoric surrounding this issue and examine the losses we’ll experience if homosexual marriage becomes law.”  For them examine the losses seems to require heated rhetoric, so the podcast was a hyperbolic lie-a-palooza.

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