Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy! Comes To America And Blows A 3.2 On The Breathalyzer Then Throws Up In The Back Of A Squad Car

Socialist Communist Muslim America finds one more way to destroy small businesses in Real America

It is a well known fact that the word “breathalyzer” is nowhere to be found in the Federalist Papers. You can look it up. Or, as the case may be, you know, not look it up.

Added: Oh, Jesus Christ. This is from Rep. Hale’s campaign page:

“Vote for our grandpa! He can get the job done!”

He’s pro-life, pro-guns, and pro states rights.

Hale/Drunken Floozy Dancing By Herself On The Dance Floor  To Tiny Dancer Ten Minutes Before Closing 2012!

Yeah, we’ll probably shorten it to Hale/Althouse 2012 or something that’ll fit on a button….

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