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Wikileaks Reader: An Index

Shooting the Messenger
Obama officials caught deceiving about WikiLeaks Glenn Greenwald (1/19/11)
How propaganda poisons the mind – and our discourse Glenn Greenwald (1/12/11)
Greg Mitchell explains the Guardian’s attempted smear of Wikileaks Greg Mitchell (1/10/11)
WikiLeaks, Morgan Tsvangirai and the Guardian – an explanation Ian Katz (1/13/11)
Officials may be overstating the danger from WikiLeaks Nancy Youseff (11/28/10)
Top 5 Lies About Wikileaks David Mizner (12/9/10)
The crux of the WikiLeaks debate Glenn Greenwald (12/8/10)
The WikiLeaks Revolution Will be Twittered Brad Friedman (12/10/10)
NPR Apologizes for WikiLeaks Mistake NPR (1/3/11)
Woodward and Wikileaks Digby (12/24/10)
Cable Access: Once again: WikiLeaks did not publicly release 250,000 diplomatic cables Craig Silverman (1/7/10)
The Shameful Attacks on Julian Assange David Samuels (12/13/10)
The State Dept’s Bizarre Logic Regarding Wikileaks ukit (12/13/10)
Government-created climate of fear Glenn Greenwald (1/10/11)
To Tell the Truth Matthew Dowd (12/2/10)
WikiLeaks and Democracy Vincent Warren (1/6/11)
WikiLeaks And The Double Edge Of “Internet Freedom” Andy Greenberg (1/21/11)
Bipartisanship pop quiz Glenn Greenwald (1/26/11)
Mukasey: Prosecute Assange because it’s ‘easier’ than prosecuting New York Times David Edwards and Daniel Tencer (12/12/10)
Issa: Why haven’t we prosecuted WikiLeaks under our nonexistent laws? Joshua Keating (1/3/11)
List of people calling for the criminalization of Julian Assange and Wikileaks Allison Kilkenny (12/6/10)
WikiLeaks cables: Julian Assange says his life is ‘under threat’ David Batty (12/18/10)
Death Threat Domain Names: Registrar Says Will Not Be Removed Huffington Post (1/14/11)
Palin to be prosecuted for inciting violence if she visits Australia, attorney says Stephen Webster (1/21/11)
Chomsky, Singer declare support for WikiLeaks’ Assange Raw Story (12/7/10)
Daniel Ellsberg: “I Am WikiLeaks!” Robert Naiman (12/13/10)
Julian Assange like a hi-tech terrorist, says Joe Biden Ewen MacAskill (12/19/10)
Joe Biden v. Joe Biden on WikiLeaks Glenn Greenwald (12/18/10)
The government’s one-way mirror Glenn Greenwald (12/20/10)
High-Tech Terrorism or Low-Tech Fear Mongering Gabor Rona (12/21/10)
Finally A Line Obama Won’t Cross Robert Weller (1/14/11)
WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: ‘Anarchist,’ ‘agitator,’ ‘arrogant’ and a journalist Adam Peneberg (1/28/11)
WaPo denies allegation it sat on WikiLeaks video Clint Hendler (6/7/10)
The Coming Media Convergence Rory O’Connor (2/11/11)
Biting the source that feeds you Edward Wasserman (2/14/11)
Le Monde chose Julian Assange as their man of the year Le Monde (2/14/11)
Julian Assange: Readers’ Choice for TIME’s Person of the Year 2010 Megan Friedman (12/13/10)
TIME Editor: “I think Assange Will Be a Footnote Five Years from Now” Robert Quigley (12/16/10)
Greg Mitchell Explains Why The Mainstream Press Is So ThreatenedWikiLeaks Ujala Sehgal (2/8/11)
NYT’s Keller Disparages Assange Coleen Rowley (2/7/11)
NYTimes Editor: Reporters Covering WikiLeaks Had Email Hacked Andy Greenberg (1/26/11)
8 Smears and Misconceptions About WikiLeaks Spreadthe Media at Alternet (12/31/10)
WikiLeaks locked in war of words Peter Wilson (1/20/11)
The merger of journalists and government officials Glenn Greenwald (12/28/10)
How to Think About WikiLeaks Alexis Madrigal (12/8/10)
WikiLeaks’ Most Terrifying Revelation: Just How Much Our Government Lies to Us Fred Branfman (1/3/11)
Manning And Assange Did Not Commit A Crime Masoninblue (12/31/10)
New York Times Co. v. United States Wikipedia (6/26/71)
Near v. Minnesota Wikipedia (6/1/31)
A threat to press and academic freedom Mark Prendergast (2/16/11)
Editor expounds on WikiLeaks access Aftenposten (1/4/11)
WikiLeaks Joins Forces With Lebedev’s Moscow-Based Newspaper Novaya Gazeta Anastasia Ustinova and Ilya Arkhipov (12/22/10)
Wikileaks and the Classification Follies Julian Hattern (12/22/10)
Let’s hope the WikiLeaks cables move us closer to open diplomacy Peter Singer (12/18/10)
Cover-ups, coups, and drones – A Holiday Sampler of What Wikileaks Reveals about US Bill Quigley (12/19/10)
What WikiLeaks revealed to the world in 2010 Glenn Greenwald (12/24/10)
WikiLeaks being ‘exploited to spread conspiracy theories,’ Jewish group claims Raw Story (12/29/10)
Now WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange is plunged into anti-Semitic row as he accuses journalists of ‘Jewish conspiracy Daily Mail Reporter (3/2/11)
The Consensual “Rape” Allegations
Special Report: STD fears sparked case against WikiLeaks boss Mark Hosenball (12/7/10)
Julian Assange rape accusations: timeline Telegraph (2/24/11)
10 days in Sweden: the full allegations against Julian Assange Nick Davies (12/17/10)
Sex accusers boasted about their ‘conquest’ of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange Times of India (12/9/10)
The Assange Case: Police Official and Accuser Are Friends legalschnauzer (3/14/11)
‘SexSurprise’ at Heart of Assange Criminal Probe Dana Kennedy (12/2/10)
Assange’s Lawyer: He’s Upbeat, SurprisedCyber-Attacks Marcus Baram (12/11/10)
WikiLeaks: Julian Assange bail hearing makes legal history with Twitter ruling Telegraph (12/14/10)
Wikileaks founder Assange bailed, but release delayed BBC (12/14/10)
Why I’m Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange Michael Moore (12/14/10)
Julian Assange released, vows Wikileaks to fight on Peter Wilson (12/17/10)
Julian Assange plea after extradition defeat: ‘Make this case bigger than me’ Esther Addley (2/24/11)
“Espionage”: For US Government Only
What U.S. “justice” signifies around the world Glenn Greenwald (1/11/11)
Reacting to leak, Swiss officials accuse US of illegal spying operations Stephen Webster (1/17/11)
US criticises court that may decide on Julian Assange extradition, WikiLeaks cables show Afua Hirsch (12/17/10)
An Exclusive Interview with Julian Assange on the Eve of His Arrest Natalia Viana (12/7/10)
Accused Soldier in Brig as WikiLeaks Link Is Sought Scott Shane (1/14/11)
Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United States Naomi Wolf (12/10/10)
Assange grand jury report “purely speculation” Justin Elliott (12/14/10)
Swedish Prosecutor Raises Possible Extradition of WikiLeaks Founder to U.S. Robert Mackey (12/14/10)
Assange denies having any contact with Bradley David Edwards (12/17/10)
Insidious attack on free speech Peter Gordon (12/11/10)
PEN international Statement on Wikileaks PEN (12/10/10)
Faculty speaks out against WikiLeaks prosecution Columbia Journalism School (1/4/11)
I.F. Stone and Wikileaks Meteor Blades (12/13/10)
Australian Media’s Finest Defend Wikileaks Walkleys (12/13/10)
Puncturing the Balloon of “State Secrets” Patrick Cockburn (1/3/11)
US: Don’t Prosecute WikiLeaks Founder Human Rights Watch (12/15/10)
Julian Assange, My Parents and the Espionage Act of 1917 Michael Meeropol (12/23/10)
UN, international officials in support of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange WL Central (12/9/10)
Will WikiLeaks escape Justice? Josh Gerstien (12/2/10)
Why Julian Assange is a journalist Scott Gant (12/20/10)
Judith Miller criticizes Julian Assange for not Verifying Sources Scarce (1/2/11)
From Judith Miller to Julian Assange Jay Rosen (12/9/10)
One more time Antemedius (12/9/10)
What is Julian Assange up to? Robert Baird (12/6/10)
WikiLeaks: The Three Faces of Uncle Sam Michael Brenner (12/7/10)
US orders Twitter to divulge personal info on Icelandic MP with ties to WikiLeaks Muriel Kane (1/7/11)
Copy of DOJ request for twitter information (1/7/11)
What the Government Might Be After with Its Twitter Subpoena Marcy Wheeler (1/8/11)
DOJ subpoenas Twitter records of several WikiLeaks volunteers Glenn Greenwald (1/7/11)
WikiLeaks demands Google and Facebook unseal US subpoenas Peter Beaumont (1/8/11)
WikiLeaks activists may seek to quash demand for docs Mark Hosenball (1/11/11)
One of the DOJ’s targets, Jacob Appelbaum, tweets Jacob Appelbaum
Anonymous responds to Twitter subpoena Anonymous
The WikiLeaks Subpoena, Twitter and Standing Cynthia Kouril (1/8/11)
Thoughts on the DOJ wikileaks/twitter court order Christopher Soghoian (1/9/11)
Department of Justice Subpoenaing Icelandic Legislator’s Wikileaks Tweets? Adrian Chen (1/7/11)
The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative’s parliamentary resolution proposal has passed unanimously mazsa (6/16/10)
Social Media and Law Enforcement: Who Gets What Data and When? Jennifer Lynch (1/20/11)
US request for Twitter account details ‘outrageous’ AFP (2/14/11)
Alleged Leaks of the Future
Bank of America: Banking on a Reputation Crisis? Andy Beal (1/3/11)
Wikileaks Could Sink These Stocks Alex Lomax (1/5/11)
WikiLeaks–The 21st Century Washington Post Douglas McIntrye (1/18/11)
Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous to WikiLeaks Ed Vulliamy (1/16/11)
Swiss re-arrest ex-banker for giving data to WikiLeaks Catherine Bosley (1/19/11)
An Interview With WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Andy Greenberg (11/29/10)
Here Come The WikiLeaks Copycats: IndoLeaks, BrusselsLeaks And BalkanLeaks Andy Greenberg (12/13/10)
WikiLeaks: An End of Bureaucracy As We Know It? Richard Levic (12/15/10)
Granting Anonymity Virginia Heffernan (12/19/10)
OpenLeaks: the Wikileaks of 2011? Joshua Norman (1/20/11)
Announcing ScienceLeaks Rosie Redfield (1/1/11)
Unileaks Aims To Leak Universities’ Secrets Huffington Post (2/24/11)
No Secrets Raffi Khatchadourian (6/7/10)
The Newest WikiLeaks Problem: Unredacted Cables Neal Ungerleider (1/14/11)
Wikileaks Haters find Allies: China, Gadaffi, Mubarak, North Korea
China Trying to Plug Wikileak? Josh Chin (11/29/10)
Pentagon Sees a Threat From Online Muckrakers Stephanie Strom (3/17/10)
Libya’s Gaddaffi painedTunisian revolt, blames WikiLeaks Monsters & Critics (1/16/11)
The WikiLeaks Revolt Michael Hirsh (1/28/11)
On Egypt Robyn Creswell (1/28/11)
What U.S. Diplomacy Can Learn from Tunisia Martin Varsavsky (1/15/11)
WikiLeaks Vindicates Those Behind Unfolding Revolutions kgosztola (2/15/11)
WikiLeaks “no threat,” top German official says Jeff Stein (12/21/10)
Kremlin suggests WikiLeaks founder for Nobel Prize Ria Novosti (12/8/10)
WikiLeaks under attack: the definitive timeline Charles Arthur (12/7/10)
WikiLeaks ‘hacked’ before release Al-Jazeera (11/28/10)
Cyber War Report: New Front Opens Against Internet Coup d’état Clay Blaiborne (12/9/10)
Swiss bank investigated after freezing WikiLeaks account Raw Story (12/12/10)
Iceland may ban MasterCard, Visa over WikiLeaks censorship Raw Story (12/13/10)
Amazon cuts off WikiLeaks Lance Whitney (12/2/10)
No proof WikiLeaks breaking law, inquiry finds Salon (1/26/11)
Swiss bank Freezes Wikileaks founders legal defense fund Stephen Webster (12/6/10)
Bank Of America Will Stop Processing WikiLeaks Payments, WikiLeaks Responds On Twitter Ryan McCarthy (12/18/10)
Banks and WikiLeaks the New York Times (12/25/10)
FBI serves 40 warrants in search of WikiLeaks ‘hacktivists’ Mark Seibel (1/27/11)
Project Vigilant and the government/corporate destruction of privacy Glenn Greenwald (8/2/10)
Police arrest five over Anonymous WikiLeaks attacks Josh Halliday (1/28/11)
Anonymous and the global correction Anonymous (2/16/11)
Anonymous Press Release responding to the UK Government Anonymous (1/27/11)
Read Wikileaks and you are out of a job Daniel Tencer (12/5/10)
Is the Federal Government Asking Its Agencies to Treat Employees Like Potential Spies? E.B. Boyd (1/6/11)
Amid Digital Blackout, Anonymous Mass-Faxes WikiLeaks Cables To Egypt Andy Greenberg (1/28/11)
Vodafone confirms role in Egypt’s cellular, Internet blackout Stephen Webster (1/28/11)
Kill Switch’ Internet bill alarms privacy experts Jon Swartz (2/15/11)
HBGary Email Viewer Anonymous
HBGary Federal hacked and exposed Anonymous Chester Wisniewski (2/7/11)
Data intelligence firms proposed a systematic attack against WikiLeaks Steve Ragan (2/9/11)
US Chamber’s Lobbyists Solicited Hackers To Sabotage Unions, Smear Chamber’s Political Opponents Lee Fang (2/10/11)
ChamberLeaks Timeline Brad Johnson (2/16/11)
The HBGary Scandal: Using Counterterrorism Tactics on Citizen Activism Marcy Wheeler (2/14/11)
The HBGary Federal Scandal Ryan Chittum (2/14/11)
The leaked campaign to attack WikiLeaks and its supporters Glenn Greenwald (2/11/11)
Themis Applies JSOC Techniques to Citizens “Extorting” from Corporate Clients Marcy Wheeler (2/16/11)
Late Updates on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Plot to Target, Discredit, Defraud Political Enemies Brad Friedman (2/14/11)
From the ChamberPot: Number Two Marcy Wheeler (2/12/11)
Despite Denials, New Emails Suggest US Chamber Was Aware Of Private Security Firms’ Espionage Work Scott Keyes (2/14/11)
Hunton & Williams Left Fingerprints at SEIU Marcy Wheeler (2/17/11)
More facts emerge about the leaked smear campaigns Glenn Greenwald (2/15/11)
HBGary CEO Also Suggested Tracking, Intimidating WikiLeaks’ Donors Andy Greenberg (2/14/11)
ChamberLeaks: Plan SolicitedChamber Lawyers Included Malware Hacking Of Activist Computers Lee Fang (2/17/11)
Operation Set-the-Record-Straight Jacob Shiflett (3/4/11)
Law Firm That Worked With HBGary Hit With Bar Complaint Andy Greenberg (2/25/11)
Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack Peter Bright (2/11)
Is This The Girl That Hacked HBGary? Parmy Olson (3/16/11)
Black ops: how HBGary wrote backdoors for the government Nate Anderson (2/11)
HBGary Federal’s Aaron Barr Resigns After Anonymous Hack Scandal Andy Greenberg (2/28/11)
House Democrats Call For ChamberLeaks Investigation Scott Keyes (3/1/11)
NSA And Defense Department Asked To Review Contracts With Firms Involved In ChamberLeaks Scandal Lee Fang (3/18/11)
Attorney Consulted HB Gary About Spiking Defamatory Content “By Any Means Necessary” Kai Falkenberg (3/14/11)
Richard Clarke Says U.S. Chamber May Have Committed A Felony With Hacking Plot Lee Fang (3/24/11)
Bradley Manning
Firedoglake’s excellent Bradley Manning/Wikileaks timeline FDL
Firedoglake’s Merged chat logs FDL (12/27/10)
Bradley Manning’s New Charges: “Bringing Discredit upon the Armed Forces” Marcy Wheeler (3/3/11)
A Narrative Chronology of Bradley Manning’s Alleged Leaks Marcy Wheeler (3/5/11)
How to Contribute to Bradley Manning’s Legal Defense David Coombs
Bradley Manning’s Wikipedia Entry Wikipedia
Hacker turns in soldier in Iraq airstrike video leak Elinor Mills (6/7/10)
With Friends Like This George Hulme (7/8/02)
Boing Boing commentator wonders how long Manning was being worked by agents? (6/13/10)
Did Adrian Lamo Have Two Days Worth of IM’s with Bradley Manning on May 25? Marcy Wheeler (7/7/10)
When Did Adrian Lamo Start Working with Federal Investigators? Marcy Wheeler (12/26/10)
Despite Death Threats, Adrian Lamo Maintains Resolve to Testify in Wikileaks / Bradley Manning Case If Needed i-Newswire (6/28/10)
Government harassing and intimidating Bradley Manning supporters Glenn Greenwald (11/9/10)
The Pentagon’s WikiLeaks Breakthrough Philip Shenon (7/29/10)
NBC: U.S. can’t link accused Army private to Assange Jim Miklaszewski (1/24/11)
The strange and consequential case of Bradley Manning, Adrian Lamo and WikiLeaks Glenn Greenwald (6/18/10)
The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired Glenn Greenwald (12/27/10)
Response to Wired’s accusations Glenn Greenwald (12/29/10)
A Typical Day for PFC Bradley Manning David Coombs (12/18/10)
Article 13 and PFC Bradley Manning David Coombs (12/21/10)
Bradley Manning and the Torture That Is Solitary Confinement Jeff Kaye (12/22/10)
Hellhole:The United States holds tens of thousands of inmates in long-term solitary confinement. Is this torture? Atul Gawade (3/30/09)
Ohio Prisoners Begin Hunger Strike After 17 Years in Solitary Confinement Wendy Jason (1/6/11)
Playing God with Bradley Manning Marcy Wheeler (3/10/11)
Army board to evaluate WikiLeaks suspect UPI (1/4/11)
Bradley Manning’s Rebuttal to Article 138 Complaint Denial Quantico (1/10/11)
Article 138 Complaint David Coombs (3/10/11)
WikiLeaker in Solitary Ta-Nehisi Coates (12/15/10)
The Suggestibility Of Bradley Manning Digby (12/21/10)
Bradley Manning Speaks About His Conditions David House (12/23/10)
The lonely battle against solitary confinement James Ridgeway and Jean Casella (1/19/11)
Glenn Greenwald responds to the absurd suggestion he only cares about Manning Glenn Greenwald (1/25/11)
Tortured Until Proven Guilty: Bradley Manning and the Case Against Solitary Confinement Lynn Parramore (12/31/10)
Former Commander of Headquarters Company at Quantico Objects to Treatment of Bradley Manning David MacMichael (1/20/11)
Captain David Price, retired JAG speaks out against Manning’s treatment Capt. David Price (1/27/11)
Amnesty International writes Gates protesting Manning’s treatment Amnesty International (1/19/11)
WikiLeaks probe: Army commanders were told not to send Manning to Iraq Nancy Yossef (1/27/11)
Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked hundreds of thousands of secret government documents to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, turns 23 in jail Friday David Nicks (12/17/10)
Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Speedy Trial David Coombs (1/3/11)
Speedy Trial Update David Coombs (1/13/11)
WikiLeaks: Bradley Manning To Receive $15,000 For Defense Huffington Post (1/13/11)
DOD Press Office Scrambling to Explain Bradley Manning’s Treatment Marcy Wheeler (1/27/11)
Bradley Manning’s Confinement Conditions are ‘Not Customary’ Daphne Eviatar (12/23/10)
Marines Replace Commander in Charge of Detention of Bradley Manning, Accused WikiLeaker Joshua Norman (1/26/11)
Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law Kevin Zeese (1/17/11)
On Manning Sady (1/4/11)
Soldier’s inhumane imprisonment LA Times (1/10/11)
President should heed own words on Bradley Manning San Francisco Chronicle (3/17/11)
The Abuse of Private Manning New York Times (3/14/11)
US treatment of Manning shows nation’s hypocrisy Jason Campbell (3/22/11)
The Truth Behind Quantico Brig’s Decision to Strip PFC Manning David Coombs (3/5/11)
Bradley Manning comment costs State Department spokesman his job Brad Knickerbocker (3/13/11)
Protesters refuse to leave intersection at Quanitco Daniel Carawan (3/23/11)
Dylan Ratigan, Law Professors and I All Agree: Obama Needs to Explain or End Manning’s Treatment Marcy Wheeler (3/16/11)
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