Maine Governor removes labor mural from capitol; “too one sided”

Just when you think Governor LePage can’t make a bigger ass of himself. From today’s Seattle Times:

A mural depicting Maine’s labor history was removed from the lobby of the state Department of Labor headquarters and put into storage over the weekend after a directive from the new Republican governor that it come down.

The 36-foot, 11-panel mural will be kept at an undisclosed location until a suitable spot can be found to put it on public display, said Adrienne Bennett, spokeswoman for Gov. Paul LePage.

The artwork was not appropriate for the Department of Labor because it is one-sided in favor of labor interests at the expense of business interests at a time when LePage is pushing a pro-business agenda, Bennett said.

The mural depicts Maine labor history with images that include a paper mill strike in the town of Jay, a strike at a shoe plant in Lewiston, women shipbuilders at Bath Iron Works and child laborers.

Alas, I don’t think this is an early April Fools prank.

Mind you, LePage was backed by the Tea-baggers, told the President of the United States to “Go to Hell”, told the NAACP them they could kiss his butt when he refused to take part in a MLK Jr. commemoration and wants to revoke the state ban on Bisphenol A, a toxic chemical used in plastics.

This man is seriously disturbed, and I weep for the fact that the people of Maine wanted this oaf to lead them.

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