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Leaving the Democrats

After being told by  Senator Tom Harkin that “half a loaf is better than none” during the health care debate; sold out by Obama’s back room dealings with big pharma; having Rahm  Emanuel spit in the face of liberals as a hobby; having  Obama double crossing us on the public option; Chris (banker boy) Dodd, and Barney Frank pretending to be populist crusaders, while selling us out to the “banksters”; watching Obama totally reversing his position on NSA spying on US citizens; Max Baucus and Obama taking single payer off the table; Nancy Pelosi taking impeachment off the table; on to infinity….

I have decided to join the Green Party.

For years I have been stuck in a dysfunctional relationship with the Democratic party. As the disappointments accumulated over the years I have tried to leave time and time again only to be told by my party abusers;” where else  are you going to go?”At the point they (the Dems) can convince us that they are our only option they own us. Yes the Green Party may be somewhat disorganized, but their platform and their hearts are in the right place.

Have you noticed for the last 30 years (more or less) our major elections have been about 50-50? It would seem that the country is political and ideologically split. If this is the case, then the Democrats can not afford to loose  any part of their base no matter how small with such tight margins. We liberals have power we are not using. I almost feel that we are enabling the lack of representation on the part of the Democrats by obediently  showing up to vote them back into office year after year.

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