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FL: Rick “No Honeymoon” Scott Incredibly Unpopular

Last week, I sought commenters’ links for polls about Governor Rick “Lex Luthor” Scott of Florida, who was elected last fall with a very narrow margin. Many folks had lumped him into the Regrets-I’ve-Had-A-Few category, alongside Scott Walker, John Kasich and Rick Snyder.

I challenged that assumption, and wondered if the local Florida papers were holding off polling as a favor to their new governor, in order to avoid exposing his popularity sinkhole. Wonder no more:

You could say Rick Scott’s honeymoon is over…but that would suggest he had one in the first place. A December PPP poll shortly before Scott took office found that only 33% of Florida voters had a favorable opinion of their new Governor to 43% who viewed him negatively. After a few months in office those numbers have only gotten worse- Scott’s approval rating is just 32% while 55% of voters in the state are unhappy with his work so far.

And it isn’t general disillusionment with GOPs: newly elected Teabagger Marco “Polo” Rubio has not suffered the same fate:

For sake of comparison Marco Rubio’s disapproval with Democrats is only 51%, 30 points lower than Scott’s and his disapproval with independents is only 31%, 23 points lower than Scott’s.

More proof that 2010 was a story about the StayAtHome Voter as much as anything else:

For instance voters under 30 say they would support Sink by a 67-26 margin if the election was today- but those folks made up only 8% of the electorate in the state last year. If they had turned out in greater numbers Scott would have been in the dustbin of Florida political history four months ago. Turnout from African Americans (who say they would vote for Sink now 85-8) and Hispanics (who say they would vote for Sink 69-28) was also down as a share of the electorate last year from 2008.

Candidates who hope to succeed in 2012, of whatever party, will need to avoid disillusionment and discontent. Not showing up, it seems, influences the electoral outcome as much as anything.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge