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Water Cooler – Lawless In Wisconsin

Lawless Center

"Lawless Center by Thomas Hawk, on Flickr"

Everyone who reads these posts knows that I like to take shots at Republicans. No big surprise there, but it is becoming really kind of scary what Republicans are doing in regards to the rule of law.

Dad used to describe the law as a game where the people who know the rules the best mostly win. That is why it was so important that average folks have the best legal representation available, if they did not have it they would be run over by the companies and people who did.

That worked for most of my life, but it seems that the Wisconsin Republicans lead by Koch Brothers wholly owned Governor Walker won’t even follow the rules of the game. They pulled a fast one with sending a bill that had not been passed by the State Senate to conference committee and then declaring that the Union busting provisions were not in fact financially based.

By making this change they could pass the conference committee bill by a simple majority and they did. The problem was that they did not allow the 24 hours that Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law requires.

It got them into legal water hot enough that a district judge put a stay on the Secretary of State from publishing the law, which is part of the process and the law from being implemented.

The Judge said:

“I do, therefore, restrain and enjoin the further implementation of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10. The next step in implementation of that law would be the publication of that law by the secretary of state. He is restrained and enjoined from such publication until further order of this court.”

Now the lawless Republicans in Wisconsin feel like they have found a way around this. They did not have the Sec. State publish the law, but the Legislative Reference Bureau instead. They are claiming that this means that the law will go into affect tomorrow morning.

It is always an incredibly bad idea to try to thwart Judges rulings. They do not take it kindly and they don’t ever forget. It still remains to be seen if Judge Sumi will go further to say that the law can not be enforced until the case regarding the Open Meetings Law is resolved. At a guess I would say yes, like I said, judges do not like it when you try to make an end run around their rulings.

What is most troubling is the way that the Republicans in Wisconsin are actively skirting the law. They are showing a complete disregard for the laws governing legislation, they have shown repeated disdain for the Judicial branch in their state and, it goes without saying that they have shown not an ounce of collegiality to the elected Democrats in both houses.

All of which makes me ask the question, at what point does their actions stop being protected by the rules that allow a legislature to act and become criminal conduct? It seems to me that there might very well be a conspiracy to break the law. Just because they are themselves law makers does not mean that they should be above the law.

We know that they were urged to think about false flag violent acts to try to discredit Labor and the voters who were protesting their actions, maybe there is more there than meets the eye?

Perhaps it is time to start pushing for Federal investigations into the actions of the Republican party in Wisconsin and their lawless chief executive.

So, what is on your minds tonight Firedogs? The floor is yours.

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Bill Egnor

Bill Egnor

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