I forget. Which one is Mickey?

This caught my eye at Power Line:

As I wrote here, my long-time radio partner Brian Ward and I have started podcasting on Ricochet. Ricochet is building a new lineup of podcasts that includes, in addition to us, Law Talk With Epstein & Yoo and the Kaus & Limbaugh show (that’s David). That is on top of the original Ricochet podcast, of course.

Mickey Kaus and Fredo David Limbaugh? On one show? Together? Omigawd omigawd omigawd! This is probably the most significant partnership since Jack Blades (Night Ranger) teamed up with Tommy Shaw (Styx) to form Damn Yankees and changed music forever (Radiohead , TV On The Radio and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum have all cited Damn Yankees as a major influence. No. Really. You can look it up… Okay, maybe not.)

After walking away from his mid-$80K paying gig at Slate for his delusional what-the-fuck-was-he-thinking quixotic run against Barbara Boxer, Mickey has been reduced to blogging for Tucker Carlson’s My Weakly Reader and co-hosting an internet radio talk show with the Lesser Limbaugh.

Remember when Hervé Villechaize got himself fired from Fantasy Island for demanding to be paid as much as Ricardo Montalban?

Hervé had it all over Mickey when it comes to awesome career moves.

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