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Earlier this month, I met a friend from work and it was off to the Philadelphia Flower Show. This year the theme was “Springtime in Paris” and since I’m going to Paris in the Fall to help with an annual conference for work, I wanted to see this flower show.  I hadn’t been to see one in a few years.

I took a lot of photos and have them posted at Picasa. (My apologies for the conditions, such as lighting… I had no control over that.)  Next year the theme will be “Islands of Aloha.”

Last week, Toby did a gardening post. Hopefully, the flower show will give you some ideas for things to do this year. Have any of you started working in your garden yet?

Easter is coming up soon, too, and I wanted to make a suggestion about dyeing eggs… It’s great fun to use natural materials like onion skins (for a nice pale yellow) or beet greens, or any other kind of flowers or vegetables. They yield much more subtle colors than the commercial egg dyes or food coloring. Just experiment and see what you come up with – and if you take some photos, we would love to see them!

I may dye some eggs myself. The last time I did this, it was with my grandson who was much younger then… he’s nearly 16 now. Still, I can give my daughter’s family an Easter basket with the natural dyed eggs and some candy and flowers.

If you celebrate Passover, will you be preparing dinner or going to a friend or family member’s home for the Seder?

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