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Late Night: Remember What ‘Ol Brocky Said

David Brock says he will fuck Fox's ass up.

The liberal group Media Matters has quietly transformed itself in preparation for what its founder, David Brock, described in an interview as an all-out campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” aimed at the Fox News Channel.

And good for him! Fox could stand a bit of guerrila warfare and sabotage; at any rate, as blatantly partisan as Fox is, and as well-heeled as Daddy Murdoch is, you’d hardly suppose Fox’s friends would have much to bitch about upon being told that they’ll have done to them what they do unto others.

But ducks gotta quack, dogs gotta sniff butt, and wingnuts must whine. Ed Morrisey explains why upon hearing this news he cried inside and died a million deaths, he must have wept for hours:

… MMFA isn’t just pledging to be a “watchdog.”  They’re promising “sabotage,” which sounds less like investigative journalism and more like dirty tricks, aimed not at the reporting itself but at mid-level management at Fox.  If that consists of the same kind of undercover videos produced by James O’Keefe at ACORN and NPR, that’s fair game; the media have used stings like those for decades. That’s hardly “sabotage,” though, which sounds like efforts at a completely different — and more base — level.

Which is wonderfully berserk. Though if you’re the kind of loon who thinks James O’Keefe is not up to “dirty tricks,” I guess you’re probably just goofy enough to believe Fox commits “journalism.” Fox already is the “base level.”

But that’s just the top of the Fox-friends monkey barrel. Scraping the bottom, where the flung feces settle, we discover this class of thing:

I put chinballs on Bill Maher in 15 minutes. That does more damage to Maher than all the fairy sniping from Brock or Boehlert combined. Will some deep pocket conservative pull together 90 of the most brilliant conservative creatives, pay them a living wage, and we could BURY the left.

Chief, even Jim frickin’ Hoft got in on some wingnut welfare. Sounds like this li’l fellow just isn’t letting the right balls touch his chin.

Besides, the whole point is that Fox is already emptying far more than 90 brilliant conservatives who aren’t doing anything much more clever than doodling chinballs and gay-baiting (Brock is doing “fairy sniping”). It’s comical to witness sniveling about how chinballing is undervalued on the free wingnut market, but that hardly means this market doesn’t exist, or isn’t as pernicious as it is demented.

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