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Will the Media Ever Realize that the GOP’s 2012 Candidates are Trolls?

by fibonacciblue

I keep waiting for Village reporters to stop breathlessly covering every random utterance belched up by the Newt, but I suppose it’s never gonna happen.

This [action in Libya] is as badly executed, I think, as any policy we’ve seen since WWII, and it will become a case study for how not to engage in this type of activity,” he added.

Now, you’d think a clown who was for bombing Libya before he was against it, who breathlessly declared World War III started five years ago and who peddles racist wingnut psychobabble would’ve long since earned the right to be ignored — but nah.

Quick! Gingrich said the Libyan no-fly zone is as bad as our decades-long war in Vietnam which killed 60,000 Americans and over a million Vietnamese! Headline!!!

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann, who has about as much of a chance of being president as Katy Perry, continues to mesmerize and tantalize major news organizations without doing anything at all.

“I’m in for 2012 in that I want to be a part of the conversation in making sure that President Obama only serves one term, not two, because I want to make sure that we get someone who’s going to be making the country work again. That’s what I’m in for,” Bachmann said.

“But I haven’t made a decision yet to announce, obviously, if I’m a candidate or not, but I’m in for the conversation.”

Apparently this completely non-committal babble is worthy of the headline, “Bachmann Tells ABC News: I’m In!” — as well as a video interview and 3-page article. Really, ABC?

Finally, no one generates more buzz with less effort than The Quitter.

I’m through whining about a liberal press that holds conservative women to a different standard, because it doesn’t do any good to whine about it,” Palin said.

Only The Quitter can contradict herself in a single sentence and generate a self-serving headline — with accompanying substance-free article — at the same time.

Truly impressive.

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