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Photos and Stories from the Protests for Bradley Manning

Protestors took to the streets across the world this weekend in support of accused Wikileaks whistleblower Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Michael Whitney and twolf took some amazing pictures and videos of the rallies at the White House and Quantico Marine Base, including footage of police arresting Pentagon Papers leaker Dan Ellsburg and forcibly removing Retired Army Colonel Ann Wright from her place during the sit-in on Route 1. Michael got some great video of speeches by David House and others, as well.

But on top of that, we received a few dozen submissions from supporters who attended rallies spanning from Canada to the Netherlands and the UK. Below are some of the amazing displays of solidarity for justice and democracy that took place around the world, among people who had never previously met, but were inspired by the alleged acts of Bradley Manning.

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Quantico Marine Base, VA – 3/20

FDL’s Michael Whitney filmed the livestream of the protest. Here’s one of the videos he took:

More videos: Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5 | Video 6
Video 7 | Video 8 | Video 9 | Video 10 | Video 11 | Video 12 | Video 13

Levy attended the big rally at Quantico, where Manning is being held. He writes:

I regret not having my camera, so I have no photos. However, I did meet a wonderful couple from Michigan who were visiting DC for the first time for their vacation. It was their last day in town and they had planned to visit the National Gallery to see the Gauguin Exhibit (a big, big deal). But when they got wind that there was a protest to support Bradley, they cancelled their plans and got on the bus to Quantico. Isn’t that a wonderful act of generosity?

David traveled a long way to protest for Manning’s rights:

“The event was inspiring. I drove 630 miles round trip on my motorcycle to attent the rally at Quantico.

400 unarmed peaceniks and 100 riot gear equipped police. Very surreal.

Keep up the good fight people. We may not win but we’ll go down swinging.”

Susan sent us a lot of great pictures, including 2 snapped of alleged undercover cops. She writes:

the first two photos are of undercover cops, reportedly. They walked away from the protest without causing trouble around 4:15.

Daniel reacted to seeing the riot police on Route 1:

I was extremely disturbed to see the contingent of what appeared to be military people (presumbably Marines) carrying automatic weapons as they deployed on U.S. Route 1.

Is this legal? Posse Comitatus Act forbids use of the military for domestic law enforcement. Had they been guarding the perimeter of the base at Quantico, a case could be made for their role. But, again, they were deployed in the middle of U.S. Route 1. That cannot be part of Quantico, I would think. Someone ought to look into this.

Gazooks sent us some photos and this note:

Thanks to all that worked with dedication and courage to organize an essential demonstration of support for this abused, young soldier of conscience.

Hopefully, Bradley finds strength in knowing his acts exposing the hideous breadth and twisted realities of aggression, deception and violence were not entirely lost on fellow his citizens.

A good start with great heart, FDL.



Michelle tells us about her run-in with the police:

I was in attendance. I went around the barrier the police had erected to keep us in a “permitted” area. Does anybody see something wrong with that, to start with? I had direct interactions with a couple of the Prince William County Police officers who tried to tell me that I could not walk on the sidewalk with my sign because it was outside the permitted area. I stood my grounds because I knew I was right and that as long as I kept moving there was nothing they could. One officer checked this out with his superior at my request and came back to tell me that I was right. If we don’t know our rights and if we don’t insist that we will not allow them to take them away, we WILL lose them. Bradley Manning has had his rights stripped from him. We CANNOT let this happen. I hope that we will sustain and grow the energy to stand up for what is right because I believe we really can put pressure on the administartion to intervene and set Bradley free. Thank you, Firedoglake, for always being reliable and standing for the truth.

myFDL diarist greenharper drove all the way from Massachusetts to support Bradley Manning. She wrote about her experience here:

About 400 Bradley Manning supporters gathered in the cold sunlight Sunday afternoon on a straw-covered construction site across Route 1 in Triangle, Va., facing the entrance to the Marine installation at Quantico. By the gate is a more than life-size statue of the iconic image of Marines raising the U.S. flag at Iwo Jima. There were all ages, with probably a preponderance of people in their 50s and 60s. Many identified themselves by T-shirts or other gear as Veterans for Peace in one organization or another. Others were veterans of whose service I learned only by chatting with them. People told me that they were there from Boston, Mass.; Wisconsin; Michigan; Richmond, Va.; Columbia, S.C., as well as from D.C. and Northern Virginia.

Washington, DC – 3/19

Twolf took some incredible pictures and videos; you should definitely check out the rest here and here:

Rally in Support of Bradley Manning – Washington D.C. – March 19th, 2011 from twolf1 on Vimeo.

Lisa, who writes at, wrote:

Virginia police presence way overkill at Quantico on Sunday. Just ridiculous. Riot police. K9s. Mounted police. And these masked men in black & fatigues with huge honking machine guns. Unbelievable.

Elissar sent in this photo of a “Wikileaks Mobile Information Collection Unit” truck at the rally:

Los Angeles (Hollywood & Vine), CA – 3/19

“It was an honor to be a part of this event.”Submitted by Jami.

Oklahoma City, OK – 3/19

Video submitted by James

George from writes:

I joined the group “We Are Change Oklahoma” in the rally for PFC Manning. We dispersed and handed out pamphlets in a central business district entertainment area called “Bricktown”. Since we were in a public plaza area, we were not trespassing. We had no known interaction with police.

London, UK – 3/20

Serena sent us a link to her blog with some photos from the event (more at the link):

New York, NY – 3/20

I was at the rally in Union Square and took this picture on my phone:

FDL Managing Editor Gregg Levine was with me at the rally and snapped these pics:

LindaMaria was at the rally, too, and writes:

The NYC rally was not well attended – maybe not publicized enough – there were only about 20 people there – but it was energetic and passionate. We chanted and clapped and shouted. The organizers were taking email address of everyone there to have another rally the following Sunday.

Portland, OR – 3/20

Teddy Partridge snapped these photos of the rally in Portland:

San Francisco, CA – 3/20

Rae took a few photos and writes:

Wish we had a bigger turnout, but really do appreciate the solidarity between everyone who did come.

Toronto, Canada – 3/20

Jessica sent us her flickr album:

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