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Transsexual Independence Day

Today, March 22, is Transsexual Independence Day.  For more information please visit

 I am a lifelong Pagan feminist and have a few additional words to add since Pam's own Autumn Sandeen has been extremely hostile to both myself and Sharon Gaughan of TS-Si as witnessed that we both remain as “enemies of the state” on the front page and all other pages of this very blog on the left hand column.  While writing this very dairy entry I am looking at the following:

“Please respect the rights of others to be heard and to be respected. We welcome all viewpoints, but we do not welcome personal attacks on our users, in any form, including use of profane language.”

 I was banned two and a half years ago from this forum for a simple expression of my own opinion, you can confirm this by clicking the link with my full name listed (in another violation of Pam's policy) on the left hand side under “Autumn's Transgressive Endoresments” where I am included with two right wingnuts despite my own lifelong history of envolvement in liberal causes.  Please also note that that link is to the hit peice done here on Pam's rather to the article I wrote on my own blog that is still available.  Please also note that the blog in question does not use my full name for reasons I have written about there and elsewhere having to do with an ongoing legal case for religious freedom.

 Most likely this entry will be the excuse Autumn has awaited and baited me to make allowing her to once again ban me from Pam's.

The GLAAD “media guidelines” used here misgender women of trans or intersexed history by trying to enforce “inclusion” under a transgender umbrella of those women thus essentially denying their full womanhood once they have corrected their physical bodies.  This is the primary issue of women of history.  The only legal one being full recognition of corrected bodies and thus corrected sex.  We are called elitists for this.  War is waged on us for this by Autumn and others.  It matters not that many, if not most of us, are fully supportive of marriage equality and employment rights, what matters is only that we maintain that transsexuality is a medical condition, one with a well recongized cure, surgical correction and it is medically identified by the absolute need to put mind and body in congruence to the maximum amount possible.  This is called the dysphoric imperative.  Absence this dysphoric imperative to correct one's body to the fullest degree possible, one simply is not someone born with the transsexed condition.  It 'taint rocket science, but it is actual science confirmed by study after study.


Autumn continues to openly violate the TOS and posting rules by listing my full name here knowing there is a legal reason I do not use it on my blogs or here on Pam's.  She openly has branded me a racist and a “trans enemy”  even though it is against the rules launch such a personal attack against a member of this blog community, which I am.  She isn't even honest enough to link to my original blog entry in doing so as was done with the others so branded.

 Today is Transsexual Indepenence Day.  I am writing all my State and Federal representives with the simple message that people born transsexed are not transgender people and are not represented by transgender activists.  Once we have dealt with our medical issues by bringing mind and body into congruence, we are simply women and men with the exact same characteristics as all other men and women, physical bodies and minds that match.   If this means I am once again banned here, so be it.  But if I am banned and this diary is erased be aware that the actual reason is my own declaration of being a woman by virtue of having a female body and neurology somehow violates Autumn's standards……..and that is mysogyny and gynophobia and an open admission that no one born transsexed can be cured of that condition according to her and simply be a woman or a man.  If that isn't transphobia, I have no idea what would actually qualify as such.  One hopes Autumn can finally understand this and stop attacking women such as myself.

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