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SHAME on David E. Kelley!!!!

I honestly don't know if I am a little or a lot peeved. So I'm watching the new NBC hit show “Harry's Law.” And tonight's episode started out be another great episode. HOWEVER, the more I think about this the more pissed off I get! No, I haven't finished it, but tonights episode has Adam (Harry's partner) assisting a transgender woman. Great idea, right? WRONG!

First, Harry (Kathy Bates) refers to the transgender woman as a “he/she dancer thing.” That was the first thing that pissed me off! So, I went over to their facebook page to see what had been written about it by people who already watched it. Much to my dismay, NOBODY took issue with this. 

The second thing that pissed me off was when I saw the title they gave this episode, “Send in the Clowns.”  REALLY? What kind of crap is that? The first episode to have a transgender character and they name the episode “Send in the Clowns?” 

Now please know, I'm not transgender, I'm simply a gay man who hates to see our transgender brothers and sisters thrown under the bus, especially by those who consider themselves “friends and allies” of the LGBT community! Shame on David E. Kelly for allowing that line and allowing the title to be attached! 

Okay, nevermind, I'm A LOT peeved!!!!! 

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