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In Which Donald Rumsfeld Helpfully Demonstrates the Post Hoc Fallacy

And today’s wingnut “Libya is so awesome today because George W. Bush killed 250,000 Iraqis” take comes from a two-time Secretary of Defense and all-around great guy.

Totally, Don.

Because we all know that Gaddafi was this close — THIS CLOSE!!!1! — to developing a nuclear weapon (just like Saddam and Iran and Kim Jong Il and Charlie Sheen).

And furthermore, we all know that he gave up that bomb because George W. Bush landed on an aircraft carrier:

….as much as the Bush Administration would like to believe it, Gaddafi’s decision to come in from the cold was not simply a response to the war on terror and the U.S.’s toppling of Saddam and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan before that. In TIME interviews with key Libyan players, including three with Gaddafi going back before 9/11, it was clear that other important factors were also at work. Foremost among them was the collapse of the Soviet empire, which brought down Gaddafi’s once-powerful friends in capitals like Moscow, Prague and Bucharest.

Ah-ha! And who personally brought down the Soviet empire? Ronald Reagan. ‘Nuff said.

Another important factor was the rise of Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East, which resulted in extremist attacks in Libya and against Gaddafi personally.

Uh, what? Terrorists attacked Gaddafi? Can’t be right — all those A-rabs are in cahoots.

Gaddafi was looking hard for a way out of Libya’s isolation, which was hurting its vital petroleum industry; in fact, U.S. oil companies were lobbying hard from the mid 1990s for a rehabilitation of Libya, in order to be there first in the upgrading of its aging oil infrastructure. As American and international sanctions were taking their toll and the stagnation was slowly killing Gadfhafi’s regime, he offered a major gesture, turning Libyan intelligence agents over for trial in the downing of of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

OK, so — to review: Gaddafi isn’t nuking his own country right now (or NATO, which wouldn’t be bombing him if he had said nuclear weapon, BTW) because:

a) Ronald Reagan won the Cold War;

b) ExxonMobil has awesome lobbyists, and;

c) George W. Bush wore a codpiece.

Mission accomplished!

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