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“Personhood”, the Reframing Of Pro-Life

Regroup and rename. It’s simple. The strategy of fighting the Roe vs. Wade was not going to happen via the courts. The anti-abortion foes have taken the battle to the states and the state legislatures.

In their own words, you can see how they see the battle shaping:

  • Personhood Net: Pro-Life and Pro-Human Policy for the 21st Century.  They list their accomplishments, the initiatives in the various states.  Of course they use the issues such as eugenics, rights of the disabled etc, to conflate the real agenda.  Repealing women’s choice.
  • Personhood USA, is the other site that lists and encourages the support for the initiatives in the various state.

The initiatives are on a wide national scope.  Only simpletons would think this is anything else but taking away women’s rights.  They will keep trying, they will fail at times, but they will keep pushing.  A particularly egrigious South Dakota bill, was shelved for later consideration.

Coming to a legislature near you.  Be aware and be prepared.

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