Here’s a link to an article, to which I totally agree.

Also, with the bombing of Libya, The Progressive Caucus briefly tossed around a suggestion by Kucinich for  bringing Articles of  Impeachment against Obama for not getting Congressional Approval before the bombing started in Libya.  Here:

If Progressives are loyal to principal, then shouldn’t they be getting behind articles of impeachment?  I know the teabaggers WOULD jump at a chance! (to impeach) Just because this is a Democratic Preznit (which by no means, means he has ‘democratic values’) should not excuse him from this undemocratic action. As it stands right now, it is looking like Obama will be the only candidate backing further action in Afghanistan  until 2014 as most GOP candidates have denounced it. (as far as I can tell)

I don’t know, what do you think?