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Japan’s Fukushima Reactor Disaster Turns Americans Against Expanding Nuclear Power

As a result of the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan, Americans have turned strongly against expanding nuclear power, according to a new Pew poll.

Not surprisingly, public support for the increased use of nuclear power has declined amid the ongoing nuclear emergency in Japan. Currently, 39% say they favor promoting the increased use of nuclear power while 52% are opposed. Last October, 47% favored promoting the increased use of nuclear power and the same percentage (47%) was opposed.

The important question for the industry will be whether this disaster results in significant long-term increases in opposition to nuclear power, or if it is just a temporary dip that will only last as long as Fukushima remains prominent in the news.

For example, the same poll found that the BP oil spill quickly dampened support for expanding offshore drilling, but, a year later, support has rebounded significantly.

I suspect about a month after the nuclear disaster in Japan is officially “over,” the nuclear industry in America will launch a massive, multi-million dollar PR campaign in an attempt to protect the billions in Congressionally allocated corporate welfare on which the industry’s potential “renaissance” is totally dependent to be profitable.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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