Too Old For Little League, To Young For Senior Daycare

I enjoy a good blog war as much as the next demonic conservative ridicule-machine but watching Meade’s mommy, Ann Althouse, try and arrange play dates for him at Lawyers, Guns, And Money is just adorable. Particularly when Ann takes what I’m sure she believes is the high road and refers to Farley & Lemieux as “La Petite Farlette and his partner Scott “Kitty” Le Mew”.

Oh, snap!

They should totally ask her why her twitter name looks like analhouse.

Do it! Do it!

(Updated) The Ole Perfesser links to Ann’s Lament (but he can’t type the word “shit” because it’s not a legal term or a “heh” or an “indeed”). Maybe Meade can hang out there and comment. Oh, wait….

Meanwhile Franzia futures soar on recent developments.

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