“It Sprang From My Groin Like A Guided Missile…”

Eternity Road blogger and Christian porny-wordsmith Francis Porretto, pops up in Nice Deb’s comments and gives Sarah Palin a thorough tongue bath that recalls John Hinderaker’s Ode To A Genius (“It must be very strange to be President Bush. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius…“).

Writes Francis:

Sarah Palin has me thinking of Wayne Gretzky during his glory years. Gretzky’s speed, grace, and deceptively powerful shot utterly flummoxed opposing defensemen and goaltenders throughout the NHL. They couldn’t stop him no matter what they did. Worse, he had real flair: style and grace both on and off the ice. He was, in short, the gentleman superstar we get about once a decade.

Palin is the Wayne Gretzky of politics. She scores effortlessly, without seeming to try. And she does it with an unassuming grace the cynical “professional” pols can’t match. She drives it all home by not giving a damn what anyone thinks of her, projects onto her, or predicts about her.

We need this woman. She might have arrived just in time.

Sarah Palin might have arrived just in time. I think Francis came considerably earlier.

Kinda like this:

“….dampening her arm all the way to the elbow”?


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