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How Did the Bush Administration and the Village Get Duped by Gaddafi?

Pictured: Condi Rice arriving in Tripoli in 2008.

Seems like only yesterday when Condi was playing footsie with Moammar in Tripoli, while Faux News covered her visit triumphantly.

The relationship has been moving in a good direction for a number of years now and I think tonight does mark a new phase,” Rice said following a traditional Muslim dinner — the evening meal that breaks the day’s fast observed during the holy month of Ramadan — at Qaddafi’s official Bab el-Azizia residence. […]

Qaddafi welcomed Rice in a room redolent of incense. Wearing flowing white robes, his trademark fez and a green pin of Africa, Qaddafi bowed slightly and put his right hand over his heart in a traditional Arab greeting. The two did not shake hands, but Qaddafi did shake the hands of Rice’s male aides.

They then exchanged pleasantries, with Rice offering Qaddafi greetings from President Bush and Qaddafi asking about the hurricanes that have hit or are headed to the U.S. mainland, before dozens of reporters, photographers and television cameramen were ushered out.

“We’re off to a good start,” Rice said later.

Peace in our time, bitchez!

And two years earlier, TIME actually ran this headline — I’m not kidding.

Why Gaddafi’s Now a Good Guy

I have no idea why TIME and the rest of the Village would swallow the Bushies’ fantasy that a mad tiger like Gaddafi had changed his stripes — hook, line and sinker.

But as Atrios likes to say, we are ruled by idiots.

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