Marcy will be on Virtually Speaking this evening, and she has some homework for you:


Sherry asked if there were things our viewers should read before tonight. Here’s a selection of cables (and one story with links to the cables) that I might discuss. I’m working on a few other things but will try to post this not long before the show tonight.

The two Iraq cables from 1990: (Glaspie) (Wilson)

Libyan cables: ($1 million Beyonce party) (watching Hillary’s internet freedom speech in Tripoli) (establishing Pol-Mil dialogue) (The Ukrainian nurse) (return of the Pan-Am bomber) (negotiation of exception to 2008 Lautenberg Amendment) (money laundering by Libyan elite)

Democracy and diplomacy: (Suleiman on making sure Gaza election doesn’t happen) (Dismissing possibility of April 6 movement overthrowing Mubarak) (exchange of Gitmo detainees for non-prosecution of tax cheats) (Getting Spain to spike torture investigation) (Covering for Condi’s lies about el-Masri investigation) (disdain for Germany’s FDP for trying to protect privacy rights)

Japan earthquakes: (warnings on earthquake safety at nuke plants)