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Quantico Marine Base Issues “Threat Advisory” for Bradley Manning Protest

The director of operations at Quantico Marine Base issued a “threat advisory” last weekend in advance of tomorrow’s rally in support of accused WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning.

Hundreds of people are scheduled for a peaceful protest at the base, including Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg.

Here is the text of the advisory:

Subject: Possible threat to MCBQ

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are substantiated indications and warning of possible denial of service attacks on MCBQ by supporters of Wiki-leaks and PFC Manning. It is possible that these attacks will be timed to coincide with protest activity that is scheduled to take place in the vicinity of MCBQ on 20 Mar. Possible threat courses of action could include denial of service attacks on phone, email, and internet services, and could include harassing phone calls (i.e. bomb threats) and mail disruption (i.e. suspicious packages). Additionally, though there is no direct threat, it is possible that actual physical penetrations onto MCBQ property may be undertaken to cause infrastructure damage, vandalism, or harass USMC personnel.

The Base has been involved in detailed response planning with local, regional, and national authorities and is appropriately postured to minimize/mitigate likely threat activity.

Because the exact intent of the protest groups is not known, nor the form of attack they may undertake, MCBQ commands and activities should carefully review their OPSEC and physical security posture.

Recommended actions for MCBQ tenant commands and organizations:

Develop alternative communication plans (i.e. installation command net and cell phones) to ensure the ability to communicate with MCBQ emergency services during a denial of service attack.

Review MCBQ bomb threat procedures (attached).

Review MCBQ procedures for suspicious packages (attached).

Area commands shall ensure Installation Command net radios are fully charged and accessible.

Ensure Command Duty Officers are briefed on the threat and know the proper response to threatening/harassing phone calls

Ensure non-essential fax machines are turned “off”

Remind all personnel to be alert for suspicious activity and report it immediately to the MCBQ Security Battalion using the Eagle Eyes hotline (703-432-EYES).

Building managers should ensure building perimeters are regularly inspected and that all unmonitored exits are locked when not in use (consider limiting access to a single entrance and mandating ID checks).

Remind personnel to avoid posting or discussing aspects of any MCBQ response on Face-Book or other social media forums.

Remind personnel, to be aware of phishing (both email and telephone) attempts to gain information about MCBQ personnel or operations.

Additional information concerning protest activities, to include any gate closures, changes to Force Protection Condition, excepted traffic delays, etc., will be distributed via a MCBQ FROSTCALL later this week.

Pete Streng Director of Operations

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