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There’s Just One Detector For Radiation Contamination On The Entire West Coast

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News junkies should know that a detector in Sacramento detected increased radiation.
Allow me to pull the wool from your eyes.
First off, That data may be two or more days old.

Second, the plume of death actually has to hit the detector in Sacramento. I say THE DETECTOR because there is only one detector for radiation contamination on the west coast.
So, when the government says you’re safe; Just fucking run.
check the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization’s website…click on international monitoring system, then Radionuclide

Now don’t get fooled by low readings from Beta Ray detectors. There are Beta ray detectors and there are Radionuclotide detectors. Beta Ray detectors don’t measure radiation contamination directly. They measure Beta rays (duh) They work like a gieger counter. However a gieger counter doesn’t measure health risk directly.

In addition, Geiger counter readings don’t tell you a thing about the type of radiation a person may be exposed to – whether it’s a fairly weak and short-lived isotope that doesn’t pose a health risk, a form of radioactive iodine that signals the need to take protective tablets, or a more sinister isotope, such as cesium-137, that can raise long-term health risks if it gets inside the body.

This video on radiation shows a beta detector

Look at the video. That scientist could have eaten a pound of uranium and it wouldn’t set off the Beta detector. BECAUSE BETA DETECTORS DON’T measure contamination, JUST DIRECT RADIATION.

So anyhow, when the government says you are safe, they are operating on data probably at least a day old, and with a single sample point somewhere in Sacramento.
Also those nice computer animations of the radiation… are just computer models. (correct me if I’m wrong) but they just plugged a few points of data into a weather simulation.

Thank You FDL.

Sorry. I may have assumed that beta detectors don’t collect particulates. I was completely wrong, because some beta detectors have filters that collect particles for the detectors to detect. I didn’t know this when I wrote the blog, so this entire blog is SUSPECT. I know I upset some people and all I can do is apologize.

**EDIT Again I apologise. Found a picture of an installation of the EPA RADNET detector. Looks like it has some kind of filter. So Sorry.

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