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Texas Bill Would Legally Protect Evolution-Denying Professors

In Austin, Darwin doesn't frighten people. (by leoloves)

Right-wingers love to complain about anti-discrimination laws that protect women, minorities and homosexuals, and they also love to bitch and moan about how hard it is to fire teachers.

So this makes perfect sense.

An Arlington lawmaker has filed a bill aimed at protecting Texas college professors and students from discrimination because they question evolution.

The measure from Republican state Rep. Bill Zedler would block higher education institutions from discriminating against or penalizing teachers or students based on their research into intelligent design or other theories that disagree with evolution.

Zedler said he filed the bill because of cases in which colleges had been hostile to those who believe that certain features of life-forms are so complex that they must have originated from a higher power.

“We can have the academic freedom to have all kinds of ideas and philosophies but, lo and behold, even mention intelligent design and there are people that want to run you out of town on a rail,” Zedler said.

In a world where beliefs and principles are really all that matters, and facts are largely irrelevant, this makes perfect sense.

After all, biology teachers who believe the Earth is 5,000 years old and that Adam and Eve lived in fear of Tyrannosaurus rex just have a different viewpoint than those atheistic left-wing Darwinists who are hell-bent on turning our children away from God.

Why can’t we just teach kids “both sides of the debate”?


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