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Top Republican on Ways and Means Committee Proposes Even Lower Taxes for Millionaires and Corporations

Pictured: Dave Camp (R-MI), a fearless, determined advocate for the oligarchy.

If you listen to Republicans (and some Democrats) these days, we’re facing two big problems in this country. One, working people just have it too easy. And two, the wealthy and the powerful are in desperate need of more government assistance.

The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee wants to cut the top U.S. tax rate to 25% for individuals and corporations, and cut or eliminate many popular deductions. […]

“America needs a tax code that promotes, not prevents, job creation,” he (Dave Camp, R-Mich.) said. “Today’s code is simply too complex, too costly and too burdensome for families and employers of all sizes to comply with.…We need to set ambitious goals and work toward those, because if we don’t try that will be the biggest failure of all.”

Under Reagan, the wealthiest paid 50%. Under Clinton, they paid 39.6%, which W. cut to 35%.  The result? Record wealth inequality.

Mission accomplished!

Meanwhile corporations, struggling under the burdensome boot of Obama socialism, are enjoying record profits.

But apparently, the country is still not plutocratic enough for Republicans like Dave Camp.

He’s truly doing God’s work. Who will speak for the Fortune 500 if not for Dave Camp?

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