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Live Blogging The President’s Press Conference On Japan

Pres. Obama in the Rose Garden delivers a brief statement on Japan.

Hiya Firedogs!

The president is expected to give a statement on the situation in Japan at 3:30EDT. So I thought I’d give you all the blow by blow color commentary as it is happening.

Of course you can also watch it live at the below, if it is not blocked at work or you have sufficiently fast internet connections.

Anyway we’ll be getting fired up here is a few minutes so pull up a chair!

Well, it seems the President is running a little late but they are now showing the podium.

Here we go!

Opening statement recapping the problems with the earthquake and tsunami.

Peaceful power= nuclear? Really?

All resources to bear to protect Americans citizens. There is a substantial risk to those near by the plant. That why we broke with the Japanese as to distance.

He ordered dependents home and those still there should continue to monitor the situation.

NRC says that radiation will not reach the West Coast. (yeah people are going to buy that)

CDC says that there is no need to take precautions against radiation.

Says that our plants are safe against many problems but he has ordered a review (any one think that will stop the relicensing of Diablo Canyon? )


Lots of talk about how we are helping. Support from SAR. Help for nuclear plant. Food and medicine and people. If you want to help go to the Red Cross.

The Japanese are pulling together and working to dig out. Tells the story of baby found in the wreckage.


Well that was a whole lotta nothing wasn’t if sports fans? The whole point, to my mind, seemed to be to tell us all that we won’t be covered in radioactive particles. And should quit bugging CVS for Iodine.

While I think it is a good thing for the President to keep panic down, the problem is that he (and we) can’t know what will happen in the next few days. We all hope that the cooling will resume at the Daiichi plants for both the reactors and the storage ponds but we don’t know if it will.

If they are successful in getting new power to the plant that is a big step. It would keep allow the adding of water to the storage ponds and maybe the restarting of the pumps in the reactors themselves.

The problem is we (and they) have no idea what kind of damage the partial meltdowns have done to the system of the reactors. And all of this does not completely solve things if the reactor and or the containment vessels are breached.

I know that Presidents have to tamp things down but this situation could come back and bite him in the ass if the fuel rods in the storage ponds melt and cause their own type of meltdown.

It was interesting to hear him talk about the fact that we have a different standard for evacuations. It is a safe bet that the Japanese officials would like to have the wider evacuation zone too, but where would they put those people?

All in all pretty much a non-event to live blog.

The floor is yours.

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