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Late Night: Pouting Baby Wants to Know Why Scottdemort Hates Teachers

Pouting Baby is talking to us again.  —  JW

I like teachers.  They are really smart.  They’re cool and they are very patient while kids are learning.  But Scottdemort really hates teachers.  Why does Scottdemort hate teachers?

Here in Florida, the legislature just passed a really bad bill that punishes teachers.  Scottdemort had already told the legislature that he hates teachers and that he would sign this bill that does mean things to them:

On the strength of Republicans’ super-majority, the House muscled out a bill Wednesday that would represent a significant shift in how Florida teachers are paid and evaluated.

For new teachers, the measure ends tenure and makes half of their annual evaluations based on student performance.

But Scottdemort hates more than teachers. This bill is linked to other mean things that Tea Party Republicans are doing:

“So-called ‘merit pay’ is just a euphemism for the nationwide attempt to kill unions,” said Rep. Elaine Schwartz, D-Hollywood.

So, if Scottdemort hates teachers and unions, what does he like? He likes his money. And he likes the company that keeps making him money. In fact, he likes the money and the company so much that he gave his stock in the company to his wife, hoping that would let him hold on to the money while he keeps on making decisions that make more money for the company. Mr. Jim wrote about Scottdemort’s $62 million dollar reason  for helping pill mills and killing a plan that would have stopped the pill mills killing 6 people in Florida every day. It turns out that when Mr. Jim wrote that story, Scottdemort had already given the $62 million in stock to his wife:

As Florida Gov. Rick Scott reorganizes health agencies, cuts spending and pushes for new free-market health policies, his ownership of Solantic, the urgent care chain, increasingly poses conflict of interest questions.


But the most important step the governor must take to avoid a conflict of interest, some ethics experts say, is to divest his Solantic interests.

In January, Scott did transfer his Solantic stock – to his wife.

That should work really well for Scottdemort and his wife. They will keep on making lots of money while people shopping for pain pill prescriptions choose to pay for the low cost office visits at Solantic instead of going to more expensive emergency rooms.

Do you remember when people working for Georgie W got in trouble for giving talks to government employees on how they could help Georgie W be popular and get re-elected? It turns out that Scottdemort is doing that for himself. Mr. Kenneth Q. found an email from Scottdemort to all state employees that is like a political ad for himself. You can read the email here. Here is what Mr. Kenneth Q. said about it:

There is no standard by which this is anything other than a political e-mail. It has nothing to do with the jobs that state workers are doing, it is simply a list of right-wing talking points that Rick Scott said repeatedly on the campaign, at his inauguration and at pretty much every public appearance he’s said since then. The e-mail even uses his campaign slogan.

I talked to a number of political scientists today and they all suggested this was unethical, at best. That’s my conclusion as well. In fact, if Barack Obama used the federal government e-mail system to send an e-mail filled with his campaign talking points and ending with “Hope and Change,” the right and Fox News would go insane with anger.

But it may not simply be a matter of unethical behavior, it may also be illegal.

Scottdemort sure does hate the law.

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