Fucking wake up.
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The White house Copyright Czar proposed new law, that would allow corporations to dump a list of internet users into the justice department for the justice department to wiretap.
I call it the IPOD patriot act.

arstechnica.com says The Czar in question:
“Victoria Espinel, the Obama administration’s IP Enforcement Coordinator”

Read the Czar’s press release:
http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/ip_white_paper.pdf page 10.

Right now corporations are forced to use civil suits to protect their copyrighted content. These trials are expensive for the copyright holders, and also don’t often contain the kind of proof that a wiretap can contain. These corporations cannot request the government wiretap your computer. This will change in months, as soon as the law is passed.

In my mind, it will allow “point and click” proscecution. As a download is detected, a cybercop automatically places a wiretap on the suspects computer, and in due time, as the suspect commits an illegal act, that user is sent off with a felony conviction. This is the intent of the new law. The intent of the law is to make it trivially easy to convict downloaders in federal court, with solid computer records of downloading.

Let’s say you have visited wikileaks.org in the last year. That means the governmnet now has the right to wiretap your computer. Anything illegal on there? No? Continue citizen. Yes? Find out how many felonies you are wanted for when they bust in your door.

Thank you FDL!



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