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Late Night: Up Next for RNC… Trump/Bachmann Nekkid on PPV! HOT!!!

In entertainment news, the idea has been floated in Republican Party circles (there are nine of these) to make the Lame Stream Media pay for the rights to broadcast the GOP primary debates.

Apparently this is because the Republican National Committee has run up $22 million in debt, an understandable and inevitable consequence of  the party’s commitment to principles of Fiscal Rectitude in real-world practice, which involves expensive booze n’ masturbation fact-finding missions to lesbian bondage-themed strip clubs.

The Official Republican Mind is an inscrutable puzzler, a scratcher, a pancake griddled from confounding, inorganic ingredients.

They believe someone would pay to watch a GOP primary…? Who?




Upon reflection, though, there is rather a perverse logic at work here. Let us remember that even when Democrats control two out of three branches of government, the Republicans are in charge. And how does this government of ours work, and what does it do?

It transfers wealth, from the nation, to the wealthy, for a fee.

The idea that major media corporations should cough up a surcharge for the right to pick the person who is going to work hardest to make them the most money is, in this regard, only Right and Proper.

That there is no actual demand here has nothing to do with what is being offered as regards supply.

Gangster capitalism with socialized risk: brave new world, man. Or, given that we’re talking about Donald Trump as the class of the GOP field, GOP Clown Gangster Capitalism. Trickle down, juggalos!

To be fair I myself if I end up watching the GOP primaries, will be paying the Jameson’s people a reasonable premium to enable that beforehand.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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