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ABC-Washington Post Poll: 64% of Americans Favor Tax Increases to Trim Deficit

Pictured: Tax increases up, Teabaggers down. (by katerkate)

It only took America about two months to get sick of Republicans again.

…Republicans have lost ground in public trust to deal with both issues [economy, deficit], now trailing Obama by 12- and 9-point margins, respectively.

Preference for the Republicans on both those issues has declined by 11 points since December, a comedown from the sentiment that lifted the party to its midterm success. […]

As recently as January, 42 percent of independents preferred the Republicans in Congress over Obama to handle the economy. Today just 29 percent say the same, and there’s been a rise in the number who volunteer that they don’t trust either side.

Part of this discontent is being driven by the fact that people aren’t buying the GOP’s “no tax increases for rich people ever” plan.

A substantial 64 percent say the best way to trim the deficit is with a combination of spending cuts and tax increases, rather than just cutting spending (31 percent, down 5 points from December) or only raising taxes (3 percent).

And we know they’re opposed to cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, education and Social Security.

Maybe we could have fewer wars?

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