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WIKILEAKS BILLBOARD going up in LOS ANGELES via supporters’ pledges…

I have been following your page and articles for quite a while and really respect what you are doing for the Wikileaks/Julian Assange cause. I recently found and donated $20 to Wikileaks campaign where a group of supporters such as myself are trying to raise money to put up a billboard in Los Angeles…

Wikileaks apparently really liked the campaign as they have already promoted the campaign on their twitter and facebook page, with a direct link for supporters to pledge to the billboard.

I wasn’t sure if you guys had already heard about this, so I wanted to reach out to you to try to push the movement even further. I know you have a ton of dedicated readers and subscribers,  and I assume it would be of much interest to expose them to this campaign if they have not already read or heard about it. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. Keep rockin’ guys! Your unwavering support of the Wikileaks cause inspires us all.

– Cynthia Hawtin

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