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Toppling Saddam Hussain Obama & Restoring the Rule of Law

Most progressives have become more and more disillusioned with Obama, and his brutal, torturous treatment of Bradley Manning is the last straw. Recall that Bradley was motivated to allegedly send the documents to Wikileaks because he was horrified that US forces, including his unit, were rounding up Iraqis and turning them over for the same sorts of torture employed by Saddam’s security apparatus, and by a blatant attack on civilians by a US helicopter crew, and that US authorities have refused to take action even after massive publicity. Defense Secretary Gates has acknowledged that the leaks caused embarrassment, but posed no threat to national security nor to any individuals.

Both the Wiki documents and Obama’s reactions to them reveal a petulant, narcissistic, arrogant tyrant who cares nothing for human rights¬† or the rule of law. Clearly, our servile media, supine congress and comatose courts don’t care and won’t act, but the Raymond Davis fiasco provides a window through which justice might enter.

It has been reported in the Indian and Pakistani media that Davis’s cellphones contained numbers of 27 high-level Taliban operatives, and that he was conspiring with them to carry out attacks inside Pakistan to provide a pretext for US action against Pakistan’s nuclear program.

If true, this would explain Obama’s and Clinton’s frantic efforts to get Davis released and would almost certainly implicate them in numerous felonies related to terrorism and conspiracy.

Would anything come of it? I am quite sure it would, based on politics rather than principle. These would bring left and right together for the same goals, if for very different reasons. If Biden were also implicated, a Republican house would gleefully impeach both of them, and a Democratic senate would have no choice but to remove them after the world learned of their dark deeds. This would be the biggest scandal in US history. Boehner would certainly push the issue, because he would become president. Would he be worse than Obama? No, because both of them bow to the same masters. How could this help Bradley Manning and Julian Assange? Senate Democrats could extract a promise of pardons from Boehner in return for their votes for removal.

This isn’t farfetched, and the information to date at least warrants a special counsel investigation. It would go a long way towards restoring the rule of law and attenuating our international pariah status. We’ve imprisoned and tortured people and started wars based on less reliable information, after all.

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