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Wisconsin Farmers Passionately Fight Walker

I don’t know this guy, Tony Schultz. He’s a farmer in Wisconsin and he spoke movingly at the tractorcade in Wisconsin, part of the estimated 70,000 – 100,000 people in Madison demonstrating against Governor Walker’s War on American Families. Now, I’m not a farmer like Tony Schultz; we sort of play around with it here at Chez Siberia, but I know what it’s like to be out in a barn when it’s 20 below and I know what it’s like to have what you do not be appreciated and to not be able to cover your costs. But Schultz puts the dime right where it belongs here – and he speaks passionately to a crowd coming together of workers, public employees and other farmers who know what is at stake. At times, his voice cracks and is hoarse but he’s taking his moment here. Pour yourself a glass of whatever you like and get ready to stand up and cheer for this guy.

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