I could rant about Obama’s disingenousness -lies- but readers here know about that.

What they probably don’t know is how he and Holder are ‘backdooring’ against medical marijuana so I bring this to others attention because it affects all States where MedMari has been approved.

“It may be the IRS and not the DEA that puts the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana out of business. Alliance founder Lynette Shaw was stunned when the IRS audited her 2008 and 2009 tax returns and disallowed the foundation’s business deductions, then demanded millions of dollars in back taxes.

The IRS is taking advantage of § 280E of the federal tax code, which states that no business deductions will be allowed for companies “trafficking in controlled substances”.”

The Marin Independent Journal quotes Shaw as asserting that “every dispensary in the nation, past, present and future is dead if this is upheld.” She did not reveal the exact dollar amount requested by the IRS, but said, “It’s a staggering sum, millions and millions.”

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