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Mine Safety is Important

Following were among of the compiled data on the most common causes of mining deaths in 2010: Eight miners were killed when they were struck by moving or falling objects. Six miners were killed while working in close proximity to mining or haulage equipment. Three more miners lost their lives in explosions and fires; another miner was killed when he was caught inside rotating machinery. Eight of the dead miners were contractors, including one who fell to his death; and one who was killed when his truck went through a beam and over a high wall. Well, let’s accept the fact that those things probably happened because of the lack in safety procedures and training.Well, we cannot lose sight of the fact that some miners are losing their lives at the nation’s mines. Towards that reason, Mine Safety should not be taken for granted, hence, must be on top at all times. Thus, Coal Services Pty Ltd has developed the most advanced real world simulator of its kind in mine safety, exposing staff to dangerous situations that may be encountered in a hazardous environment. Their Virtual Reality Training creates accurate and realistic virtual environments, where a trainee’s response to the situation affects outcome.  As such, it delivers the highest quality training and outcomes that could be life saving.

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Mady Paker

Mady Paker