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Computerized Voting Machines Must Be Eliminated

After watching media coverage of the Walker coup over the last few days, I posted the following response on FOK News:

For all the confident statements of replacing the Red Republican Bastards, there will be no successful recalls or impeachments unless states get rid of computerized voting and return to the tried and true paper ballot. If it takes more time to count them, then “so be it.” Any real democracy is worth it.

America has grown accustomed to hearing the media present all kinds of divergent polling data, but the prevailing narrative always tells a story of Republicans and Democrats running neck & neck electorally — even after the most egregious Republikook rhetoric and behavior — with The Kooks always winning just enough and winning in ways and in places where they can essentially negate any gains Dem’ Dumb-dumbs might hope to realize. Remember how health care, bank, and tax reform turned out? I repeat, “Dem’ Dumb-dumbs”!

This political travesty is already repeating itself. The media is serving us constant video of recently elected Republikooks proclaiming they campaigned and were elected to attack unions and working class citizens; so, The Kooks already are claiming the majority. If those voting machines — which I suspect are rigged or hackable — stay in use, then expect recall results of such monumental irony that the Liberal base and the “Reagan Democrats” who felt compelled to vote for Democrats out of self-interest and self-preservation will be lost in the political wilderness of Conservative savages and corporate beasts, left either to fall to their knees and chain themselves in abject economic servitude or to find another country to call home. Why else would Walker and the rest of the WI ‘Kooks have perpetrated the crime they committed (that “bold parliamentary maneuver” was illegal!) if they did not have some assurance that they and their cause could overcome recall efforts? The Koch Brothers and their ilk very likely have promised the WI ‘Kooks financial security for the risks they are taking. Add that to FAUX Propaganda-News and Turd Blossom’s soon to be incessant poisonous TV ads which a lot of people seem to believe. Those voting machines are now the trigger that could produce the kind of results which would invalidate all the protests happening now as well as the core ideals of the Democratic Party. After what happened in WI, and what is happening all across America now, do you really believe the voting machine trigger won’t be pulled?

Middle America is obligated now, therefore, to make sure that the process of democracy works they way The Constitution declares it’s supposed to work. Otherwise, we may as well bow to the bigots, the corporations, and the super-wealthy plutocrats and call ourselves their slaves. We must make sure that every single one of our votes counts: We must get rid of those g-damned computer voting machines!

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