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Late Night: Pouting Baby Says Please Join the Firedoglake Family

Find out how to get your own framed, signed Pouting Baby photo. (photo courtesy of Jim White)

Pouting Baby is talking to us again.  —  JW

I’m so lucky that Ms. Jane lets me talk here.  She has put together a big family that does great work.  Our family does independent media and we are kick-ass activists who call out ass-kissing little chickenshits when needed.  We care deeply about the important issues of the day.

This is a hard time to be a baby, so it’s really nice be around so many people who care.

This family steps up when the guys at the jail tell Bradley that they are God and we also make sure people who should go to jail can’t get out of going.  I’m usually afraid of Scarecrows, but the one who writes here is really nice and very smart.

Ooh, look!  Doggies! And kitties!

If you want to know what’s happening in Wisconsin or anywhere else in the world, just go see what the Dayen Brothers have to say.

Every Friday, Mr. Gregg talks to us in a movie.  That’s fun.

We even have our own wonderful Teddy Bear here.

There are lots more people who write very important information here every day.

Become a member of FDL
for as little as $45 per year

? Personalized membership card

? Discounts from progressive partners

? Invitations to members-only planning

…and much more!

But it takes money to keep the computers running and to pay the people who write and the people who make sure people don’t say bad things to each other.  Now you can be a part of our Firedoglake family and help pay for all the things that take money.  We have nice presents to give you when you join the family.  You don’t have to join and joining isn’t needed for you to be able to read or comment here, but joining will make you feel better since you will be a part of our wonderful family.  You can see the different presents that you can get by joining if you click here.

Mr. Jim has a special present if anyone joins at the Gosprey level tonight.  You can get your very own framed and signed copy of the Pouting Baby picture.  Just join by 9 am Eastern Friday, March 11 and let Mr. Jim know either in comments or by email to his yahoo account (jimwhitegnv) and he will sign the photo any way you want (if you want) and send it to you as soon as he confirms with Mr. Ryan that you did join at the Gosprey level.

The Firedoglake family works hard to bring you important news and pushes hard on the important issues.  We’d love to have you as a part of our family.

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